Welcome to John Berryhill’s newest addition…BACON…now serving 7 days a week located at 121 N. 9th St, downtown Boise. Call 208.387.3553

  • Breakfast & Lunch
  • 8 varieties of BACON
  • Espesso, Coffee, Beer, Wine, Bloody Mary’s, Bimosas
  • Fresh Baked Goods Daily
  • FREE downtown delivery on the BACON bike
  • Casual counter service
  • Vegetarian & Low Fat options
  • WiFi available

I’ve cooked over 512,000 strips of that same tasty Berryhill Bacon, at an average of 35,000 strips each year.

With our new BACON restaurant, I expect to cook over 150,000 strips each year.

That’s a strip of bacon every minute we’re open!  This BACON restaurant concept was born for those who love bacon… it was born for you.


john berryhill

Current BACON selections:

  • Berryhill BACON
  • Super Hot BACON
  • Chocolate BACON
  • Kurobuta herbed BACON
  • Pancetta BACON
  • Tempeh BACON
  • Candied BACON
  • Maple Rosemary BACON

Bacon Deli1
Bacon Deli2
Bacon Deli3
Bacon Deli4
Bacon Deli5
Bacon Deli6
Bacon Deli7
Bacon Deli8
Bacon Deli9